Last work for 2008

Before end of the Year I programmed to do this massive work on this mugo i collected 3 years ago.

The tree is very very big and with a lot of foliage . During this last two years I only worked on bend some big brances and the trunk too and prune it to make compact and prepaire it for this first styling.

The tree before start of the work.

We started cleaning the green from the old neadles and doing some deadwood on the cutted brances.
After that we wired all the tree and also we putted some raphia to protect brances that had to be bended to make the tree even more compact and also to build the apex.
I’ve till to decide wich of the two last pics is the best front for the tree but desn’t matter , I’ve till long way to do with my mugo

” Big Thank’s to all the guys who helped me on this work”

Marry Christmas and happy new Year readers!!!!!!


Spanish yew…..step by step!

This yew was collected in Spain 4 year ago and I bought it on 2006.
The first big work was on the deadwood together with my dear friend Enrico and the year after we also had a demo on this tree during Crespi cup .
In summer 2007 I let it grow.
Finally I decided to give another stap at the tree and here the final image after wiring . I’m realy happy about the development of this tree but there is still a long way to go for this tree