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Hello to all the readers of my bonsai website.

My name is Mauro Stemberger, from Italy. My interest in “that fascinating Bonsai World” started in 1993. I was very curious about the intrinsic beauty of these small-large works of art. A beauty that harmoniously interacts nature and man.

The continuous research of an aesthetic perfection, which we will never succeed to catch up in the course of our short life. That makes us appreciate these small creatures day by day, having the honour to see them on the stands in our garden.

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Therefore the passion for this particular art holds alive in me and in the time coming.Personally I’ve a particular love for the conifers, above all the fascination of beauty for the larch, that’s the essence Queen of my collection together with yews and junipers, especially the Japanese one, itoigawa and our Italian native Sabina.

In a particular way I’m stimulated to always learn something new, thanks to the dialogue and the continuous exchange of experiences with my bonsai friends around the world.

I have a good friendship with Enrico Savini, the boss of Progetto Futuro bonsai school, who taught me a lot about bonsai and now I’m one of Progetto Futuro’s teachers. I have to especially thank all the persons that supported me in these years of my bonsai passion.

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