Developing Coniferous Bonsai

The Developing Coniferous Bonsai course is centered exclusively on Coniferous tree species, like Junipers, Pines and Spruces. The teachers (Mauro Stemberger, Walter Pall, Jan Culek and Harry Harrington) explain how goals, as well as techniques, should be approached differently in the main developmental stages of Coniferous Bonsai. They show masterpiece Bonsai being worked on, but our focus is mostly on trees in the lower price ranges.

Learn about selecting suitable pre-bonsai material, setting the main branch structure of a tree, making big bends, creating Jin and Shari, designing the apex of a Bonsai, selecting the right pot, wiring, and much more. The course consists of 23 lectures, with over 10 hours of video tutorials.

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Mauro Stemberger Feltre Italy

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